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Which description of synchronous calls to an API is true?

A. They can be used only within single-threaded processes.
B. They pause execution and wait for the response.
C. They always successfully return within a fixed time.
D. They can be used only for small requests.

Answer: B

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Which feature allows the ASA to handle nonstandard applications and web resources so that they display correctly over a clientless SSL VPN connection?

A. single sign-on
B. Smart Tunnel
C. WebType ACL
D. plug-ins

Answer: B

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An organization is setting up two new Cisco FTD devices to replace their current firewalls and cannot have any network downtime. During the setup process, the synchronization between the two devices is failing.
What action is needed to resolve this issue?

A. Confirm that both devices have the same port-channel numbering
B. Confirm that both devices are running the same software version
C. Confirm that both devices are configured with the same types of interfaces
D. Confirm that both devices have the same flash memory sizes

Answer: D
The devices must have the same type and number of interfaces and software needs to be on same version.
However, the question is specifically touching on synchronization issues.
If you are using units with different flash memory sizes in your High Availability configuration, make sure the unit with the smaller flash memory has enough space to accommodate the software image files and the configuration files. If it does not, configuration synchronization from the unit with the larger flash memory to the unit with the smaller flash memory will fail.

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What are two characteristics of MPLS TE turrets? (Choose two)

A. They require EIGRP to be running in the core.
B. They use RSVP to provide bandwidth for the tunnel.
C. They are run over Ethernet cores only.
D. The headend and tailend routes of the tunnel must have a BGP relationship.
E. They are unidirectional.

Answer: BE

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Scenario: A Citrix Administrator entered the configuration below:
> add rewrite policy pol_external_to_internal
‘http.req.hostname.server.eq(“host_name_of_external_Web_server”)’ act_external_to_internal
Which two possible rewrite actions can the administrator choose when a rewrite policy evaluates to TRUE? (Choose two.)

A. DenyV
B. Bypass
C. Reset
D. Drop

Answer: AC

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[December-2022]Braindump2go Google-Workspace-Administrator Dumps Guarantee 100% Pass[Q96-Q124]

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As the Workspace Administrator, you have been asked to configure Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) in order to manage Google Group memberships from an internal LDAP server. However, multiple Google Groups must have their memberships managed manually. When you run the GCDS sync, you notice that these manually managed groups are being deleted. What should you do to prevent these groups from being deleted?

A. In the GCDS configuration manager, update the group deletion policy setting to “don’t delete Google groups not found in LDAP.”
B. Use the Directory API to check and update the group’s membership after the GCDS sync is completed.
C. Confirm that the base DN for the group email address attribute matches the base DN for the user email address attribute.
D. In the user attribute settings of the GCDS configuration manager options, set the Google domain users deletion/suspension policy to “delete only active Google domain users not found in LDAP.”

Answer: A
Don’t delete Google Groups not found in LDAP If checked, Google Group deletions in your Google domain are disabled, even when the Groups aren’t in your LDAP server.

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[December-2022]Free Braindump2go Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Dumps Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer 155Q Official Updated Today[Q95-Q143]

December/2022 Latest Braindump2go Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new Braindump2go Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Real Exam Questions!

Your company has a single Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network deployed in Google Cloud with access from your on-premises network using Cloud Interconnect. You must configure access only to Google APIs and services that are supported by VPC Service Controls through hybrid connectivity with a service level agreement (SLA) in place. What should you do?

A. Configure the existing Cloud Routers to advertise the Google API’s public virtual IP addresses.
B. Use Private Google Access for on-premises hosts with restricted.googleapis.com virtual IP addresses.
C. Configure the existing Cloud Routers to advertise a default route, and use Cloud NAT to translate traffic from your on-premises network.
D. Add Direct Peering links, and use them for connectivity to Google APIs that use public virtual IP addresses.

Answer: B

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